Apr 29, 2018

Looking Good Increases Sales


Your booth neighbor may be your best friend. It often turns out that way. Some of my best friends were at one time booth neighbors. But even so, the truth is, you are competing for the customers' attention. That's why having a great booth display makes such a HUGE difference.


Here are some must DOs and must DON'Ts


1) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have walls. Can't stress this enough! There's NOTHING WORSE than seeing art hanging on something with all sorts of cars, generators, food trucks, and the neighbor's dolly filled with tools and equipment. You already have a tent. You HAVE TO HAVE A TENT AT LAGO FEST! But you should also have walls of some sort. They don't have to be expensive ProPanels, but EVEN SIMPLE WIRE MESH PANELS should be COVERED so that there's no way to see anything outside your booth.


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Meredith Kuntzsch

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David Williams


2019 Bands are booked. Inquiries for 2020 will be reviewed after the festival.


LAGO FEST is a Co-Production of City of Lago Vista, and North Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce