Load In, Load Out, and More...


LAGO FEST – 2018



Official Event Hours: Noon - 9 pm


Booths must be set up and ready to start selling NO LATER THAN 11:30 am.

First shuttle buses begin at 11:45 am



Click here to view where you will enter the park.

(It shows Leander on the map directions. Don't worry, it's really Lago Vista.)






 Load in begins at 7:45 am. We have a unique set up process. Booth assignments are not numbered. Artists will queue up and be escorted in a line to each booth spot. ​ This makes load in quick and easy for volunteers who are on site to help you. We make a point of designing the LAGO FEST ARTS section of the show for maximum traffic flow. The biggest comment from the 2018 show from attendees was "We want more art!"



After you unload your equipment, please move your vehicle to artist parking before setting up your booth. We have a lot of vehicles and golf carts coming into the park at the same time - food trucks, stage equipment, sponsors, etc. Volunteers will show you where artist parking is. Anytime you need help, just find someone in an official LAGO FEST t-shirt and they can help you. Artist parking is close by and easy to get to if you need to run for back up stock.



An artist hospitality tent is located on the right side on the lawn as you drive on to the grassy festival site. Our volunteers will show you everything. We will have breakfast items there for you as well as our artist check-in volunteer who will have a package with your booth sign, artist tag (lanyard), some helpful papers, and some treats. Don't forget to pick these up. 





Everyone, including sponsors and food trucks, is asked to be open and ready no later than 11:30 am. The first shuttle buses arrive full of people just before noon. My recommendation is to be ready well in advance in order to take a walk, see the water, and enjoy a cup of coffee and breakfast treat.




  1. If you get to the park BEFORE it’s closed off to the public (by police car), you’re okay to drive down into the park. See attached Map for instructions.

  2. If you get to the park AFTER it’s closed off to the public, then you WILL MAKE A RIGHT HAND TURN INTO THE VIP check-in parking lot where parking attendants will take a look at your parking pass and help you down onto the festival area.





  1. Each BOOTH SPACE is 10 x 10 feet with 5 feet between you and your neighbor. Each row has artists back to back, again with space behind you for extra storage or desk.

  2. Booth spots are marked with spray paint indicating each corner of your booth legs.

  3. Flags will be stuck in the ground in the center front of the booth space will be marked with STAKES WITH YOUR BOOTH NUMBERS on them. Please remember a couple of things in order to keep the show looking nice.

  4. Make sure you have walls on your display so the public doesn't see through to the artist's storage area behind you.

  5. Please make sure to cover all your storage equipment nicely, professionally.


You can take a look at our FORUM for ideas and instructions. Remember, this is an open forum for all of you to help each other.




We are designing a different layout for artists than last year which will make reaching the electricity a little bit more difficult and could create significant trip hazards. In a survey done last year, only a few artists said they actually used electricity. If you do, however, PLEASE FOLLOW THESE IMPORTANT RULES.


1)  Please try to bring the lowest wattage bulbs you have. LEDs are excellent as well as the low energy squiggly bulbs. High watt halogens are not only HOT, but use a lot of amps 


2)  We ask that you limit your lights and fans to 250 watts. Again, this is a whole new concept for the City, so they asked that this be the limit. If you trip the generator by using more wattage, then the lights will most likely stay off since the street crew won't be on site the entire time.


3)  Please be sure you don’t forget to bring your long extension cords (100 feet is recommended) AND power strips. You will absolutely need these! You will also need to SHARE POWER STRIPS with your neighbors since there is no electricity in the park and we are running solely of generator power. The generator has only 12 plug ins. We suggest bringing a really good power strip, no one from the Dollar Store!!




All booths MUST have substantial weights. You MAY use ratchet ties and stakes or dog ties. There ARE sprinkler heads in the park and lines 8 inches below grass. It will be the same chance of being struck by lightning, but if you hammer a stake in and all of a sudden feel significant resistance beside the usual Hill Country limestone, then just be careful or move your stake over a couple of inches. Note: SPRINKLERS WILL NOT GO OFF ACCIDENTALLY. I’ve made sure to double check with the park ranger. There is a good section about weights in the FORUM.



If you need help or need a booth sitter, volunteers can be found in the bright yellow LAGO FEST t-shirts. Can’t find a yellow shirt? Staff will have the bright pink shirts. Feel free to ask one of them and they will help you.



PLEASE HAVE WALLS to hide all background items such as your “back stock”, tables, desk, chair, vehicles, etc. These walls can be fabric drapes or solid walls like Pro Panels.


Please keep display and storage areas behind your booth clean and looking professional. Extra stock or equipment should be nicely covered. There will be people walking behind your booths as they enter the festival. We want everything to look nice so we make a good first impression.



This impedes traffic flow to your neighbor as patrons tend to walk far enough out past your items that they don’t even look into the booths of your neighbors. This especially affects jewelers or artists with small works of art. If you are having issues in your “neighborhood” with this, try gently to work it out with each other.



After decades of doing art festivals all over the country, I've been through 20 degree weather in Miami and a tornado in Columbus that destroyed every single thing I owned - equipment and artwork. I would always back like a boy scout. If it fits in your vehicle, bring it. You just never know.Take a look online to double check the weather forecast. One great thing about being on the lake is that we get quite a nice breeze. That's nice. AND, our weather is looking better and better each day! When it's sunny, it's really sunny. The field is not shaded by trees, So make sure to bring your booth awnings, sunblock, Gatorade, water, etc.  I’ve had the park sprayed for fire ants. I’ve also gone around the whole place and did a second round by hand today. We are all Texans, so we know the deal. Watch where you stand.



I’ve been on my phone all day out on the festival site. You should have absolutely no problem running your credit cards.



When you arrive in Lago Vista off of the main road called FM 1431, you will see a GIANT LAGO FEST sign at the traffic light. There is a CVS, Ace Hardware, grocery store, doughnut place, etc. Across the street are two gas stations. Further down FM 1431 on the right hand side is a Sonic and up behind that is Dollar General. This is always good to know in case you realize you forgot something or want to stock up on more food for the day or even some breakfast tacos.



I’ve already had several people ask me about how to buy art. They want to buy stuff, but aren’t necessarily pros. Give them a lesson. Talk them up. These people have money, but are shy. At least the friends I’ve spoken to. They are top level citizens here in the City which kind of makes me giggle. (That’s our little secret.) On the public ARTS page, I've given them a rundown on how to look at and shop for art.



Don't let the customer get away just because they are thinking about buying a large piece but either don't want to carry it around the festival or don't know how to get it on the shuttle. I always ask them, "Are you on your way home, or would you like me to hold it for you so you can stay and enjoy the festival?" I've held gobs of paintings behind a wall in my booth for them. They love that.


If they are afraid of how they can get it on the shuttle bus, don't worry. Put the piece in a bag with their name on it and cell phone number. Let one of us know and we'll work on getting up the hill where the checkpoint is (where the public can't drive down. It's also a fairly easy walk up to the checkpoint where you can hand it off personally and thank them, give them your card again, make that great impression. A booth sitter will watch your booth for you.


Or, you can always offer to deliver the piece. I've done that a million times too.



Booth sitters (volunteers in the bright yellow shirts) will be available to sit for you. They are not allowed to sell anything. But you should show them where you business cards are and any information about your work that they can tell a customer that would entice them to come back.



You may start tearing down at 9 pm. PLEASE do not tear down before then. However, some "pre-packing" is fine considering the headliner. But also be aware that there will be plenty of people in the park after 9 pm as it will take CapMetro a while to get them out. Also, Asleep at the Wheel will be selling merchandise and signing autographs after the show. You never know if someone decides to go ahead and come back to buy that necklace they had their eye on.


Vehicles are NOT ALLOWED on the festival grounds until the police give the "all clear." Security guards have been told to start pushing people out directly at 9 pm. Again, this may take a while, so be patient.





Social media

If you happen to make a Facebook post, you can tag the location:  LAGO FEST Boats Beats Arts and Eats.


Sales Tax:  All artists are responsible for collecting the 8.25% sales tax for the State of Texas.


Artist Lounge: Water, snacks, coffee will be available for you in the morning as a treat. The public is not allowed to have coolers, but feel free to bring your own.


Rain or Shine:  As with all art festivals, the show is rain or shine. No refunds are available.



The Fine Print:

Lago Fest and the City of Lago Vista invite artists to apply for jury consideration for the 2017 Lago Fest Arts, subject to the terms and conditions above. By submitting an application, the artist warrants acceptance of these terms and conditions, and willingness to abide by the policies. The artist will be solely responsible for any injuries to any person and all damages to or loss of property which results or arises out of artist’s use of the facilities or grounds and agrees to hold harmless the City of Lago Vista, Lago Fest, Lago Vista & Jonestown Area Chamber of Commerce & CVB and the Lago Vista POA (hereinafter “Lago Fest) from and against any costs, liability or expenses arising out of claims of any person or entity due to the use or misuse of the facilities by the vendor. Lago Fest is not liable for loss or damage of the artist’s property. No refunds will be given in the case of inclement weather.


By digitally signing the artist application PDF form above, artist agrees not to sell or give away food or beverages; Artist agrees this is a formal application and upon acceptance will follow the rules for payment; Artist agrees to follow the rules stated above with regard to selling only work created by themselves – no buy/sell items or reps.; Artists grant permission for pictures to be taken and used by any of the Lago Fest entities for advertising and promotion of this and future events.