How Much Does it Cost to Attend LAGO FEST? Do I need a ticket?

Festival entrance is FREE. Did you know, some of our bands would cost you over $100 to see them down in Austin. But at LAGO FEST, you get to see at a price that can't be beat. And you don't have to drive an hour to get downtown. Pretty cool, right? Credit cards are accepted most everywhere - at the Beverage Pavilion, food trucks, festival merchandise tent, band merchandise, and some activities. But we do recommend bringing some cash just in case. Especially good for getting drinks more quickly.

Where is Lago Fest held?

LAGO FEST is held in Bar K Park in Lago Vista. The festival grounds are directly on the shore of beautiful Lake Travis. Come by boat. Enjoy swimming. Click HERE for Google Maps navigation coordinates and directions. LAGO FEST festival grounds

SHUTTLE STOPS: Where do I park?

Our amazing sponsor, CapMetro, provides FREE air conditioned shuttle service from one of our many parking shuttle stops throughout Lago Vista. They are fast, safe, and friendly! Shuttles run continuously beginning at 11:45 AM until everyone is out of the park after the festival ends at 9:00 PM. Each shuttle bus has a color-coded sign in the front window stating which bus you are on. Look for your sign when loading the bus back to your car. Shuttles strive to make round trips every 15 minutes. First, some important notes you'll want to know for riding on the shuttles: • As per CapMetro policies, pets, emotional support and comfort animals are NOT allowed on the buses. Service animals are permitted but they may not occupy a seat or block the aisle. Please make sure your service animal has a proper service vest to avoid any confusion. • You may bring strollers, umbrellas, chairs, blankets, sunscreen... anything you need for the kiddos and for yourself. Games, frisbees, swimsuits... you name it. However, ALL of your items must fit on your lap or under the seat in front of you. Small items may fit between your legs. • For ADA information, please see links at bottom of this page. • Sorry, but we DO NOT ALLOW COOLERS in the festival. So if you are carrying one, you might want to run back to your vehicle before jumping on the shuttle bus. Why? Because our food trucks and drink vendors work extremely hard to provide you with all you need for tasty meals and a huge variety of cold beverages. This includes festival attendees coming by boat too. Please do not bring any outside food or drinks.This keeps our vendors happy and coming back each year to support Lago Fest. •• TWO CONVENIENT SHUTTLE STOPS LOCATIONS •• 1. LAGO VISTA MIDDLE SCHOOL Click on address for Google Map directions: 8039 Bar K Ranch Rd, Lago Vista, TX 78645 2. LAGO VISTA VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER Click on address for Google Map directions: 20900 Farm to Market Rd 1431, Lago Vista, TX 78645 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- * OVERFLOW PARKING ONLY * Lago Vista City Hall Click on address for Google Map directions: 5803 Thunderbird, Lago Vista, TX 78645 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHUTTLE RIDES FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES:

Can I Come by Boat?

We know how fun it is to be boating on Lake Travis on the weekend! So we welcome you to come by boat. Make sure you come into the festival site to have lunch, enjoy some ice cold beer and soda from the beer tent, and buy yourself or friend something special from the artists' booths. Think about it... If you don't do this, these fine folks won't have a reason to come back next year. And if they don't come back, then, well.... you know. So c'mon in and do LAGO FEST the way it's meant to be done - with total awesomeness. BOATER SAFETY RULES:

  • We require boats to tie up or anchor in areas specifically designated by LAGO FEST signs. Safety comes first. PLEASE WATCH FOR CHILDREN AND OTHERS IN THE WATER!
  • Tie up as closely to other boats as possible leaving a clear beach area for swimmers to enjoy.
  • See our handy festival map on our website home page.

What are LAGO FEST festival hours? And tell me about Happy Hour!

OFFICIAL HOURS: Noon - 9 pm. CapMetro shuttles will begin around 11:45 am. HAPPY HOUR: Noon until 1 PM - Don't miss this great hour! Come early to enjoy your lunch from one of our many fabulous food trucks and get discounts on a wide variety of ice cold brews at our beer tent.

Are Coolers and Outside Drinks/Food Allowed?

Sorry, but we DO NOT ALLOW COOLERS in the festival. So if you are carrying one, you might want to run back to your vehicle before jumping on the shuttle bus. Why? Because our food trucks and drink vendors work extremely hard to provide you with all you need for tasty meals and a huge variety of cold beverages. This includes festival attendees coming by boat too. Please do not bring any outside food or drinks.This keeps our vendors happy and coming back each year to support Lago Fest.

Can I Bring My Dog, Cat, Monkey, Alpaca, etc. to LAGO FEST?

CapMetro doesn't allow for your furbabies to ride along. Unless, of course, you have a service dog with vest on. If you're coming by boat or walking in, we're not going to banish Fido. But PLEASE make sure your doggie is sweet and mellow. Some folks, and tiny tots, may be skiddish around dogs. If you bring Fluffy into the festival or around the event site, PLEASE be cool and pick up after them.... if you catch our drift.

Where is the LAGO FEST Lost & Found?

Uh oh. It's easy to leave your phone or keys somewhere. If you've misplaced an item, you can visit Lost & Found at the Festival Merchandise (t-shirt) booth in the middle of the festival. You can't miss it. Any questions? Look for our volunteers in the lime green shirts or security guard to assist you.

I Want to Buy A Big Piece of Art. How to I Easily Handle That?

We encourage you to visit all our artists' booths and buy what you love regardless of size! We make it easy. Ask your artist if they can hold your piece for you in their booth until you're ready to leave for the day. When you are, a volunteer and the artist can help arrange for you to drive down into the show site to put the artwork in your car. Again, we alway encourage you to look for one of our volunteers in the lime green VOLUNTEER t-shirts, or any of our production staff wearing official LAGO FEST t-shirts.

What are the Accommodations for Patrons with Disabilities?

At LAGO FEST, we take access for persons with a disability very seriously. SHUTTLE BUSES: CapMetro is wheelchair accessible and will provide other services to make your ride to the festival more enjoyable. Visit their Accessibility page HERE to learn more about their services. ADA ACCESSIBLE PARKING: Special parking is available for patrons with disabilities on the festival site. Space is limited and first come, first served. Proper identification on the vehicle is required. ADA parking is available patrons with a disability ONLY WHEN THEY ARE IN THE VEHICLE. Forget about driving Grandpa's car and expecting a handicap spot. No way. ABUSE OF HANDICAP PLATES OR PLACARDS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AT LAGO FEST: Not infrequently, handicap vehicle designations are used by a family member or a friend who has borrowed a disabled person's car, or has placed the tag on his or her own car. Be the kind, cool person we know you are. Put yourself in their position and realize that abuse of handicap tags keeps a person with a true disability from having a manageable place to park. The festival should be fun and easy to enjoy for everyone. SERVICE & THERAPY DOGS (PETS): Dogs who are officially licensed by the State of Texas as a Service or Therapy dog are welcomed with open arms at the festival. To avoid confusion with other patrons with regard to our "no pet" policy, we ask that you please have your dog WEAR THEIR SERVICE ANIMAL VEST.

What Are Some Helpful Items I Should Bring With Me?

We want you to enjoy yourself all day long! Here's a list of things you can bring as well as some rules. THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO BRING:

  • Folding chairs*
  • Small umbrellas*
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit
  • Towels
  • Picnic blankets
  • Appetite
  • Dancing shoes
  • Cameras
  • Mom - so you can buy her something special from our artists.
  • Kids
  • Friends
  • Family
HINT: Cash can help you get through the beer and wine pavilion more quickly. RULES:
  • Large items such as chairs and umbrellas MUST be able to fit on your lap or between your legs on the shuttle buses to ensure adequate egress for all other passengers. Strollers should be folded before shuttles arrive for quicker loading.
DON'T FORGET THE ESSENTIALS! If you regularly take prescribed medications throughout the day (ie. insulin), don't forget to bring these so you can stay and play safely and comfortably.

Where is the special permit parking?

When you approach the festival, you will check in at K-Oaks Clubhouse at the corner of Bar K Ranch Road and Paseo de Vaca. There will be a police vehicle at the intersection and a sign pointing you into the parking lot. An attendant will be there to check your credentials and help guide you down into the festival grounds. Click HERE to navigate to the Clubhouse parking lot. Photo of K-Oaks Clubhouse street intersection

Can I drive my golf cart to the festival?

Sorry, we can't allow golf carts because the Bar K Ranch Road is where the very large CapMetro buses drive. It's a small road with a hill, so it's very dangerous to have small vehicles on the road. Buses can't easily stop on a downward slope. We want to keep you safe. We welcome you to come by boat! We look forward to seeing you out there at LAGO FEST this year!

Can I bring lawn chairs, blankets, and umbrellas?

You sure can! In fact we encourage it. As long as it fits on your lap or in between your legs or on an empty seat on the CapMetro shuttle buses, you're free to bring them. Feel free to bring toys for your kids. We'll have fun stuff to do, but it's always nice to bring their favorite toys. NO COOLERS are allowed. All food and drink is available in the festival. You won't want to miss it. Yum! And remember to fold up strollers BEFORE the shuttle bus arrives to ensure quick loading.