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Load In, Load Out, and More...


LAGO FEST – 2024



Show Date: April 20, 2024
Show Hours: 1:00pm - 8:0
0 PM
Location: Bar K Park | 6608 Bar K Clubhouse Court, Lago Vista, TX 78645



The festival is in Bar K Park on the shoreline of Lake Travis in Lago Vista, TX, 20 minutes west of Cedar Park. LAGO FEST is known for its beautiful park setting, spacious booth layouts, helpful staff, and easy load in/out at booths. The festival is free, for all ages, and features the artist market, curated food trucks, family entertainment & games, and a lineup of award-winning bands.

The North Shore is experiencing its fastest growth in history with new homes in the $300k - $4 million range. New home developments surround Lago Vista on both sides including Tessera on Lake Travis – a waterfront community of custom homes, and Travisso – presented by the development team behind Austin's renowned Steiner Ranch.


Set up may begin at 8am on Saturday, April 20, 2024

• Move Vehicle off the grass and move to vendor parking by 11am

• Have booth ready by 12:30pm

• You may begin tearing down at 6:00pm when headliner hits the stage.

• Always keep your parking permit VISIBLE on your dashboard in your vehicle.

• ONLY ONE PARKING PERMIT PER VENDOR; if you have volunteer(s) assisting with your booth they will need to pay for parking unless they ride with you. No exceptions!


• Welcome Letter

• Festival Map

• Parking Pass (Only one parking permit per vendor; if you lose, misplace, or forget to bring the parking pass the day of the event, etc. You will need to pay for a parking pass on the day of the event.) No exceptions!

• Contact Information (includes phone numbers of staff, emergency services, lost and found, grocery store (Brookshire Brothers and Lowes), hardware store (Ace and Sun) and Dollar General.


Please Check in First – At Artists and Crafts Tent (see map)

• Welcome Letter

• Festival Map

• Artist badge

• On-site help available.

• A Lago Fest koozie




• Booth: 10x10 $80 Without Electricity 

                 -(Credit card processing fee is applied.)

• Application Deadline: April 01, 2024 by 11:59pm Central Time

• Booth Fees of Invited Artists Automatically Charged: Upon approval of application on or about April 4, 2024.



Booths are assigned ahead of time by the Lago Fest Committee. Set up begins at 8 am the morning on the event. Artist may park one (1) vehicle beside their booth to unload; vehicles must be off the grass & parked in the VENDOR PARKING BY NO LATER THAN 11AM on the day of the event. If the Vendor Parking area is full, you may park in general paid parking are (see map). Always keep your parking permit VISIBLE on your dashboard in your vehicle. Have your booth ready by 12:30pm. If you are late for any reason, your ONLY OPTION is to dolly in your displays, equipment, artwork, or any other possessions. ONLY ONE PARKING PERMIT PER VENDOR; if you have volunteer(s) assisting with your booth they will need to pay for parking unless they ride with you.




The festival music headliner hits the stage at 6:00 pm. Artists are allowed to begin tearing down at 6pm for early loadout. The Artist Relations Supervisor on site will work with you to coordinate load out procedures. For safety reasons, your only option is to dolly out your displays, equipment, artworks, or any other possessions, if you chose to leave before the event is over. No vehicles are allowed on the park lawn until police deem it safe. Event staff and security will do their best to guide the public out of the festival as soon as it closes.




Please limit electricity to 300 watts or less for electrical sites. You must provide your own 100ft electrical cord and/or power strip (no daisy-chaining). This will be monitored to ensure continued power for all booths.

For non-electrical sites, battery-operated fans, marine batteries or solar are okay. No generators are allowed.




3 artwork - 1 booth display

Your booth display is extremely important, so present them in a clean and professional matter. Consistent image sizes recommended with following specs as a guide:

  1. File Dimensions: No larger than 1920 pixels on the longest side.

  2. File Format: Save all images as Baseline Standard JPEG. Do not save as a Progressive JPEG.

  3. File Size: JPEGs should be under 5 MB in size.

  4. Recommended Resolution: between 72 and 300 ppi

Note: You may need to lower your resolution if the file size is larger than 5 MB.

  1. Color space: Save images in RGB color space, preferably sRGB.




Artists will provide their own 10’ X 10’ or 12’ X 12” canopied tent. What we are looking for is a clean, professional display. Booth spaces may be up to 12x12 feet. All exhibited work should be contained within this 12’ X 12” area. Please always keep your display and storage areas clean and tidy. Extra stock or equipment should be neatly covered or hidden away. All tables need to be covered.


Please, no artwork or flip racks that jut out in front of your booth blocking traffic flow to your neighbor. The front legs of your tent should line up with the marks and/or flags on the grass.



If you need help or need a booth sitter, you will need to make sure you bring extra help for those services. They would need to ride with you because parking is limited. No exceptions. We will not be providing volunteers to help with booth sitting this year, so please keep that in mind.




Lago Fest ARTS & CRAFTS considers enforcement of these rules and regulations our exclusive right and responsibility.


Cancellations: As you can imagine, a lot of work goes into producing the show. If you have accepted your invitation to exhibit but have an emergency which necessitates a cancellation, please contact us immediately. Those artists who do not call and are a "no show" may risk not being invited to exhibit in future shows.


Weights: Being on the lake is beautiful but can be windy at times. All artists are responsible for having their booths weighted at a minimum of 40 lbs. at each corner to prevent damage to their work and that of their neighbors.

Weights must be attached to the frame of the tent.


Reproductions: Framed reproductions may be displayed on one wall of the booth, not to exceed ten (10) linear feet. All unframed reproductions must be displayed in browse bins. (Note: giclée’s are digital reproductions; prints are printmaking.)


Insurance: Artists are responsible for maintaining general liability insurance for their booth space during the event for their personal protection against loss. In other words, the show is not responsible for any damage, loss, or act of God to your display, equipment, artwork, or any other possessions.


Texas Sales Tax: All artists are responsible for collecting State of Texas sales tax.


Lago Fest is rain or shine. The event will be canceled in case of inclement weather conditions.




Business Name:                                                   




By submitting a LAGO FEST ARTS AND CRAFTS artist exhibitor application, you are confirming that you have read and agree to all terms, conditions, rules, and regulations as outlined in the Lago Fest artist event information document.

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